All Library users must maintain a certain level of conduct to ensure that others can use the facility without inconvenience. To achieve this, the Library has established a set of rules that everyone must follow:

General Rules

The borrowing service is rendered to only registered users of the library.

  • It is imperative to maintain silence while in the library.
  • Kindly note that smoking is strictly forbidden on Library grounds.
  • Library patrons are required to adhere to a suitable dress code and exhibit behavior that does not cause discomfort to fellow patrons.
  • No food or drinks allowed in the Library, except in designated areas. 
  • readers’ mobile phones must be switched off or kept silent while in the Library.
  • users should carefully treat Library materials, equipment and facilities and report any defect or damage to the Library staff.
  • the Library shall not be responsible for the safekeeping and any loss/damage of belongings left on the premises.
  • every person using the Library shall have due regard to the right of others to use the Library by the Policy and shall not interfere with their use of the Library.
  • every person using the Library will comply with prescribed terms and conditions of use and all relevant University policies, procedures and codes of conduct.
  • no person in the Library shall behave in a manner which is offensive to or unduly inconveniences other Library users or which causes or is likely to cause damage to any Library material or Library facility.
  • rights to use the Library are non-transferable.
  • on demand by a member of the Library staff, any person leaving the Library shall present for inspection at the Library exit any materials, bags or receptacles being removed from the Library.
  • no person may reserve a seat for a colleague.
  • all articles brought into the Library shall be brought in at the sole risk of the person doing so. The Library staff may remove articles left unattended for more than 10 minutes. Items left in public areas when the Library closes shall be cleared away by Library staff. The University, particularly the University Librarian and the Library staff, shall have no responsibility for personal belongings brought into the Library. 


Computer Use Regulation

The borrowing service is rendered to only registered users of the library.

  • priority shall be given to students engaged in academic and research work on a first-come, first-served basis. When demand for library computers is high, each user shall be given a time limit not exceeding four hours.
  • users shall not install or download software or attempt to alter software configurations.
  • users may save files or documents on a USB drive or cloud storage. Files saved to the hard drive shall be deleted daily.
  • the use of pen drives and other removable devices must be supervised by library staff.
  • the use of library computers for watching movies, pornographic videos and images, and playing and downloading music videos and audio files is prohibited.
  • library computers shall not be used to visit online chat rooms or social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • library staff may interrupt library clients using computers for non-academic purposes. Such computers shall be assigned to other users.
  • food and drinks are not permitted in all IT installations
  • the Library welcomes students, faculty, and staff using laptops and other personal computing equipment. Library students may connect personal equipment to the Library’s wireless network, which is available on all floors of the Library. Library clients may not unplug any of the Library’s equipment or electrical and ethernet cables. Personal equipment, such as extensions and power cords, must not pose a safety hazard for others.


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